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Parks BBQ, Los Angeles, CA

Posted on | March 17, 2011 | No Comments

Park’s is one of those places that I’d been meaning to go to for quite a long time.. and I finally got to it a couple of weeks ago. My family loves Korean bbq, so we had high hopes that Park’s would be incredible.

We started off well, with some tasty banchans. The kimchee was quite good, as were the shredded potatoes. The least popular at our table was probably the tiny fishes, as they were.. well.. quite fishy, and a bit overly chewy.

We ordered the following items: Ggot sal, prime beef rib eye steak, bulgogi, galbi, marinated shrimp, and mushrooms:

Another item we ordered was the veggie omelette. This was probably the best version of this dish I’ve had; fresh, with plenty of veggies, and tons of flavor.

Overall, I was impressed; the quality of the meat was quite good, everything was fresh, and the marinated meats were well seasoned. The only reasons I might not come back? The price, which is much higher than most Korean bbq restaurants in the Southbay, and the location, which is a bit far from where my family lives. If I happened to be in the area, and was craving Korean bbq, I’d likely return.

Cost: $$$
955 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006
(213) 380-1717

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