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Posted on | May 31, 2010 | 1 Comment

I hadn’t been to Firefly up until recently. I’d almost gone a handful of times, but never made it for various reasons. I almost didn’t make it this night either- we went to the downtown location, only to find they were booked for the night! I called the Paradise location while leaving, and they had tables available. Whew!

After navigating through Saturday night traffic, AND a Shriner parade (the first I’d ever heard of them!), we made it to Firefly. This is obviously a bit of a hip hangout, as the place was packed, with a dozen or so people waiting when we left. The interior is a bit dark, but modern… And extremely noisy. Definitely not the place for a quiet, romantic date.

The service, however, was outstanding. Minutes after we started ordering, our dishes started arriving.

Here’s what we had:

Artichoke toast with artichoke hearts, basil, pepper, and aioli:
Probably my favorite item of the night. Simple, but really well executed. It doesn’t hurt that I love artichokes, either! Next time I might get two orders of this (For myself!)

Tuna tartare with mango, avocado, and taro chips:
I wanted to get a ceviche, but surprisingly the only one on the menu was shrimp. Well, Adam is allergic to shrimp, so that wasn’t gonna happen. Instead I ordered the tartare, which was quite fresh, and very flavorful. And I love taro chips. I only wish there’d been a few more on the plate.

Warm spinach salad with artichokes, red peppers, pine nuts, and feta:
I thought this was a good salad, but as Adam mentioned, it was a bit too much like something I could throw together at home…

Chicken and chorizo stuffed mushrooms:
These were quite good, although not overly flavorful. A nice, meaty bite, with the combination of chicken, sausage and mushrooms!

Empanadas with pork and red pepper, plus salad and aioli:
Probably my least favorite item of the night. They weren’t bad… Just not very unique, interesting or flavorful.

Banana nutella sandwiches with nutella dipping sauce:
One word: yum. How can you go wrong with bananas, nutella, and bread?!

I’ll likely try the downtown location again next time, as it’s closer for me. Hopefully I’ll go there on a night when it’s not completely booked…

Cost: $$
3900 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169
(702) 369-3971

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