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El Rocoto, Gardena, CA

Posted on | April 17, 2010 | No Comments

pollo saltado
Another trip to L.A. last week, only this time to work. I hadn’t been to El Rocoto in quite awhile, so one night we ventured over to get some Peruvian food. I ordered the Lomo Saltado, which I always liked here, and still found to be quite good. The dish contains slices of beef stir fried with tomato, onion, and potato, and is served with long grain white rice. Simple, savory, and quite tasty! The only unfortunate thing was, this time around I’m pretty sure most of it was pre made. After placing our orders, our meals came out in under 5 minutes! It’s nice to be speedy, but it was a bit obvious that nothing could be made completely fresh in that amount of time. And indeed, the beef was a bit overcooked and tough. Still quite flavorful though. Hopefully next time it’ll be a bit more fresh!

Cost: $$
1356 W Artesia Blvd, Gardena, CA 90248
Phone: 310 768-8768

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