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Lazy Ox Canteen, Los Angeles, CA

Posted on | April 4, 2010 | No Comments

corn nuts

For my best friend’s (belated) birthday, I gave her 4 options, including Church & State, and Lazy Ox Canteen, two downtown restaurants I’ve been eager to try. I couldn’t get a decent reservation at C&S, so Lazy Ox it was, and I’m happy with the choice. Located in Little Tokyo, the restaurant is a small izakaya style place, although the food is not Japanese. The chef/owner is Japanese-Mexican, and the influences of both are definitely there. After conferring with our server, we decided to share 3 plates and 2 desserts. Here’s what we had:

Yellowtail ceviche, w/ avocado, creme fraiche & hashbrown. This was probably my favorite dish. Quite simple, but extremely well executed. The fish had a nice tartness, and a hint of spice… perfectly seasoned. I also appreciated the use of a sustainable fish… which was quite light and fresh. The hash brown was a very nice flavor and textural contrast to the ceviche.


Hand torn egg pasta w/ brown butter, sunny side up egg & herbs. Another winner. My bff was a bit put off by the runny egg yolk, but I thought it was an integral part of the dish, and gave the pasta an added richness. Really good.


Khlii, Moroccan style beef jerky w/ egg and salsa verde. There wasn’t much of it, but this spiced, dried beef was quite tasty! I detected cumin, and I’m sure there were several other spices infused in there. Again, there was a slightly runny egg (unfortunately for my friend!).


Chilled rice pudding w/ caramel and hazelnut brittle. I’d heard the rice pudding was excellent, and indeed it was. Not your typical pudding, this was 10x richer and denser, and super creamy. The bits of hazelnut brittle added a nice texture, and the caramel added a nice extra layer of sweetness.

rice pudding

Cinnamon Sopapillas cinnamon caramel dipping sauce. Since traveling to Santa Fe years ago, I’ve had a deep love for sopapillas. These were smaller and lighter than I’m used to, but still delicious! The sauce was nice and sweet, although I think it would’ve been fine with some drizzled honey.


All in all, a great experience, and I’d definitely like to return to try additional dishes, including the Baco, which wasn’t available the night we were there.

Cost: $$$
241 S San Pedro St., Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: 213 626-5299

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