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The Counter, El Segundo, CA

Posted on | April 4, 2010 | No Comments


My family had been talking about The Counter for the past year, so we went to get some burgers one afternoon. Located in my old neighborhood of El Segundo, it’s located in one of two new shopping centers that sprang up here in the past few years. The menu is ‘design your own’, much like Grind Burgers here in Vegas. The prices were about the same (overpriced) as well.

I ordered a 1/3 lb. beef burger on a whole wheat bun with gruyere, carrots, lettuce, tomato, roasted peppers, and wasabi mayo. I initially asked for mine medium rare, but our server informed me that it would be raw in the middle. He explained that because of the ‘high quality of the meat’, medium rare comes out red throughout; medium is pink with a raw center, and medium well is pink throughout. Sheesh… How about you have the cook adjust the cooking times, so people can simply get the burger how they ordered it, instead of going through that explanation every time? Anyway, I certainly didn’t want a raw burger, so against my better judgement, I took his recommendation and ordered mine medium well. And my burger came to me, well… medium well. Brown throughout; no pink. Yeahhhh. Besides being overcooked and a bit dry, it was okay, but certainly not the most flavorful burger I’ve had. Strike two was that they gave me the wrong sauce. If it hadn’t been packed at the restaurant, and I hadn’t been sharing the burger with my mom, I definitely would have sent it back.


For sides, we ordered the fried dill pickles and sweet potato fries; both good versions.

sweet potato fries

fried pickles

Overall, not the best experience I’ve had, and especially considering the vast amount of (other) choices in this area, I probably wouldn’t return here.

Cost: $$
700-A Allied Way, El Segundo, CA 90245
Phone: 310 524-9967

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