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RM Seafood

Posted on | March 10, 2010 | 2 Comments

mac and cheese

After watching Top Chef Masters last year and cheering for Rick and Hubert, I knew I was way overdue to get to RM Seafood. For our latest wedding anniversary, RM it was. I had extremely high hopes, and I really, really wanted to love the food here. I’d heard good things. Rick was just nominated for a James Beard Award. They put a huge emphasis on using sustainable products, which can’t be easy for a seafood restaurant, but allows people to feel morally safe ordering seafood here; one of the reasons I tend to shy away from most sushi restaurants. Put all of this together, and I’d have to love RM, right?

Well, I did like the restaurant. The atmosphere was casual and comfortable and the service was good. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blown away by the food. Maybe it was what we ordered. Maybe we should have dined upstairs. In any case, here’s what we had:

Pictured above is probably my favorite item of the night, and coincidentally, the only non seafood item we ordered! The bbq mac and cheese. It had a great smoky flavor, with nice, well done crispy cheese on top. Really good.

spicy tuna roll

For another side, we decided to try one of the sushi rolls. We went with the spicy tuna, which is pretty basic, and one of our favorites. This was a good rendition, albeit not the most interesting..


For my entree, I ordered the grilled shrimp with saffron risotto. The shrimp were good, but a bit on the bland side. I liked the risotto, but found the chorizo oil with it to lend a bit of an odd scent. I probably would have preferred this dish without the oil.

fish and chips

Adam went with one of his favorite dishes, fish and chips. I found the fish to be nice and flaky, and the fries okay. Good, but nowhere near the level of the best fish and chips we’ve ever had, at Doyle’s in Sydney’s Watson Bay. But I guess that’s a bit of an unfair comparison!

fat elvis

For dessert, we ordered the ‘fat Elvis’. This was essentially an egg roll filled with chocolate, banana, and bacon. It was good, but I’d probably try a different dessert next time.

So, while my first experience at RM wasn’t as good as I’d hoped, I’m still a fan of Rick, and still rooting for him on this season’s Top Chef Masters! I also intend to return to RM, but next time I’ll either try the lunch menu, or go upstairs for dinner.

Cost: $$$

3930 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89119
Phone: 702 795-7155
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