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I had a hard time finding this restaurant, and when I did, it was quite tiny and empty inside. And the menu was pretty small as well. Instead of the typical multiple banchans, we were given a small cube of tofu with scallions and shoyu. Plus, we were presented with two jars of kimchee, one cabbage style, and one with cubed daikon. Both were ‘eat as much as you want, but only take what you can eat’. Both were quite good. Slightly spicy, fresh, and garlicky; as they should be!


For my entree, I ordered the Bulgogi, which was prepared quite different than I’m used to. I guess I was thinking it would be prepared barbecue style, but instead, it was almost like a soup, with the meat and some veggies cooked in a sweet, garlicky broth. Very good, but different than I expected!


While the food wasn’t the best Korean I’d ever had, it was good, and priced about average for Korean food. I’d likely return to try some additional dishes..

Cost: $$

3429 S Jones Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89146
Phone: 702 368-1004

E-Jo on Urbanspoon


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