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Katsuya, Los Angeles, CA

Posted on | October 18, 2009 | No Comments

K entree

My BFF Amy chose Katsuya as our dinner while I was out in LA. Along with her boyfriend, we trekked out to LA Live, which I’d never been to. It’s just outside of the Staples Center and Nokia theater, and is in a nice pedestrian friendly area with plenty of restaurants and bars. The restaurant was a decent size, with a Japanese-y feel, down to the non Asian workers shouting “Irashaimasse!” to us when we came in. Kind of funny, as we were probably the only Asians (staff included) there!

I had thought Katsuya was taking part in LA’s restaurant week, but when I asked our waiter if they had a restaurant week menu, he looked at me like I’d just landed from Mars and said “I have no idea what you’re talking about”. After conferring with another waiter, he came back and said “Oh, you mean the DineLA menu?” Hmm. Funny, it actually did say “DineLA Restaurant Week” on the menu, and seriously, how many special menus could they have had? Obviously he didn’t want us to order off of that menu, as it was a much better deal than anything on the regular menu. But HA! All three of us ordered off of it!

I opted for the crispy rice with spicy tuna, nigiri sushi, miso marinated black cod, and strawberry mochi ice cream with panna cotta. Everything was good, but nothing was exceptional. The crispy rice was good, with a nice spice. The nigiri sushi were all fresh, but oddly enough, the flavors weren’t exactly distinct from one another. The cod is definitely more buttery and flavorful at both Ame in SF and especially at Nobu in Las Vegas. The mochi ice cream was the same stuff I buy at Trader Joes.

While it was nice to spend an evening with friends, I doubt I’d rush back to Katsuya. It wasn’t bad, there are just too many other places that are better, or that I’d like to try, in LA!

Cost: $$$

800 W Olympic Blvd Ste 118, Los Angeles, CA 90015
Phone: 213 747-9797

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