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Posted on | April 29, 2009 | 1 Comment


Komol has the unfortunate luck of being in the same center as Las Vegas’ most famous Thai restaurant, Lotus of Siam. Since we were craving Thai food on a Saturday afternoon, and LOS isn’t open for lunch on the weekends, we decided to give Komol a try. We were, sadly, the only customers in the restaurant! Granted it was around 3:30, which is an odd in-between hour.

We opted for the Chicken Panang, pictured above, an order of eggrolls, and a Vegetarian Pad See Ew.

The Chicken Panang was the standout dish. We ordered it at a ‘mild’ level, and it was a bit too mild, as I didn’t detect any spice at all. The flavors, however, were fantastic! The chicken was lean white meat, and the curry sauce was a nice blend of coconut milk, mild chiles and spices, with just the right amount of sweetness. I would definitely order this dish again, although I’d probably order it at a medium spice level next time.

The eggrolls were fine, but nothing spectacular


The Vegetarian Pad See Ew was good, although the noodles were a bit mushy and stuck together. Since it was a vegetarian version, there was of course no egg or meat. I think I missed having a bit of egg in this dish, although they had plenty of fresh Chinese broccoli in there to almost make up for it. The flavor was quite good..


Interestingly, the menu states that their food is cooked with MSG, but you can ask them to omit it, which of course we did. I’m one of those unfortunate people who suffer the effects of ‘Chinese restaurant syndrome’, even though I grew up eating plenty of MSG!

The restaurant is a bit nicer inside than LOS, and definitely not as crowded. Hopefully they’re a bit busier during their dinner service. I’d rate Komol food-wise as not quite as good as LOS, but a decent alternative to it if I happen to drive all the way out here, have forgotten to make a reservation, or don’t feel like waiting during lunch.

Cost: $$

953 E Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89104
Phone: 702 731-6542

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