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Las Pupusas

Posted on | March 27, 2009 | No Comments


I’ve driven by the Valley View location several times, then finally looked them up and found there was a location in North Las Vegas, which is closer to where I live. I stopped there on my way home one day to get a couple of the pupusas, which are a bit like quesadillas, but in more of a pita type bread. There are around 4 to choose from, so I opted for the queso and the combo, which includes cheese, refried beans, and pork.

At under $4 for both, this was one of the cheapest lunches I’ve had in awhile… the pupusas are $1.75 each, and come with a tomato based sauce, and curtido, a Salvadorean cabbage salad. I wasn’t able to finish both, and barely made a dent in the curtido. Granted, there’s a LOT of rich cheese in those pupusas! I’m not sure what type of cheese they use; it was semi soft yet maintained a somewhat crumbly texture even though it was melted.. kind of like Mexican Cotija cheese, but much less salty. The sauce was very liquid-y, tomato-y and with a bit of spice. It reminded me of fresh salsa without the chunky bits.


The curtido was quite good.. with a very subtle flavor and spice. And there was a LOT of it!


The restaurant is a decent size inside; nothing fancy, but clean and with good service. The menu is quite large, and in addition to the pupusas, there are several other Salvadorean and Mexican dishes. The pupusas seem to be by far the best deal, but I know I couldn’t eat these too often.. tasty, but definitely not health food!

Cost: $

955 W Craig Road, North Las Vegas, NV
Phone: 702 648-6200

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