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Pho Kim Long

Posted on | October 25, 2008 | No Comments


Noodles are one of my favorite foods. I am a certified ramen fanatic! Unfortunately, there is only one Ramen-Ya here in Vegas, and it isn’t very good. Maybe I’m spoiled from spending most of my life in the Southbay area of Los Angeles, where there are probably the most, and definitely the best Ramen-Yas in the US. Anyway, here in Vegas Adam and I have taken to eating Pho much more often than we did in LA. And yes, there are some phenomenal Pho restaurants in LA’s Little Saigon, but in my opinion Pho Kim Long is as good as any of them! Maybe even better.

It’s located in Chinatown (of course) and is a large, clean and simple restaurant. If you go late, especially on a weekend, expect to wait. Every time I’ve been there I’d say about 85% of the clients are Vietnamese, which is a good sign in my opinion! The staff can range from friendly to borderline rude depending on your luck, but the service is always prompt.

We always, always get the same thing. Yes, we can be creatures of habit at times! But when you know something is good and you love it, how can you digress? So it’s always the Pho Tai (rare steak) for both of us, small for me and large for Adam. The pho comes with the typical plate of basil, bean sprouts, lime and jalapeno slices. I always add plenty of lime , basil, and sprouts, but save the jalapeno for my hubby, who likes his with a little of the Sriracha chile sauce as well.

Along with that we get the Cha Gio (Kim Long Egg Rolls) and they are really, really good! Probably the best egg rolls I’ve had at a Vietnamese restaurant. Always steaming hot (beware!) and with an exquisite savory mix of veggies and meat. Along with the egg rolls you get a plate of lettuce and herbs, plus a sweet dipping sauce. Be sure to ‘wrap’ your egg roll, burrito-style, in a decent sized piece of lettuce, with or without the herbs inside, depending on your taste. I can’t resist if there’s shiso in there..

Cost: $

4029 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas NV 89102
Phone: 702-220-3613

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