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Envy Steakhouse

Posted on | March 5, 2009 | No Comments


We went to Envy last night to celebrate our 4th anniversary. It’s hard to believe that only 4 short years ago, we drove from LA to Vegas, then through a drive through chapel to say our vows as I tried not to puke from food poisoning. Ah, memories! =D

Even though I didn’t mention it was a special occasion, we were given a great table, separate from the rest of the diners and facing the kitchen. I think it was the best table in the restaurant! The restaurant is located inside the Renaissance Hotel, which is right next door to the Convention Center. The decor inside is nice, it’s casual yet elegant. The service, or at least our server, was awesome. Not only did he constantly check on us and thoroughly answer our questions, but he gave us some great menu recommendations. Oh, and I loved that we were given a little ‘gift’, an Envy tin containing one of their special salts. Little things like this make me happy, and I doubt it costs them much to do it. So why don’t more restaurants take the initiative to do simple, thoughtful little things like this, especially in this economy? I imagine it would be a smart marketing tactic. But I digress. On to the food…

Since it’s a steakhouse, of course we ordered steak! The menu is a la carte, so Adam ordered an appetizer, and we chose a couple of side dishes and dessert to share. We started off with some nice breads, olive and white chocolate, which were both good. Adam ordered the Split Pea Soup with Vermont Cheddar and Prosciutto as an appetizer, which was quite good. The consistency was thick and smooth, and it had a nice smoky flavor, without an overpowering ham or bacon flavor, which I hate.


For my entree I ordered the 8 oz Black Angus Filet Mignon, which is pretty much what I always get at steakhouses. Adam opted for the 19 oz Envy Signature Prime Bone in Rib Eye. Both were cooked exactly as we ordered. The filet mignon was a nice cut of meat, and was extremely tender and juicy. The only slight problem I had was that it lacked a bit in flavor. The filet mignon I usually get at Bob Taylor’s Ranch House, which is half the price, may not be as tender or as great a cut of meat, but is WAY more flavorful than this one was. No worries, I put a mix of the 3 salts that were given to us, and it was fine.



Adam’s Rib Eye, however, was much more flavorful, and he really enjoyed it, although it was HUGE and he couldn’t quite finish it!


At our servers recommendation, we ordered two sides; the Bourbon Creamed Corn and the Envy Signature Truffle Reggiano Fries. Both of these sides were absolutely delicious. The creamed corn had quite a different texture than I’m used to, in that the corn wasn’t mushy, but quite crunchy, which I liked. It also wasn’t overly thick, and had a wonderful, sweet flavor. I finished most of it off on my own!


The fries were amongst the best I’ve ever had. First of all they were ‘skinny’ fries, which are my favorite! They had a very subtle truffle flavouring, with shredded bits of the cheese melted on top. They were also cooked perfectly, were nice and crispy, and served to us fresh from the fryer. The portion was enormous, and we were only able to eat about 1/4 of them! No worries, we took them home and I’m going to attempt to reheat them in the convection tonight!


For dessert we again went with our servers recommendation, the Meyer Lemon Mousse with Fresh Berries. This was very light and refreshing, which was perfect as we were both completely stuffed, and I doubt I would’ve been able to eat more than a bite of a heavier dessert.


All in all, a great meal, and if you have a coupon it’s a great deal as well!

Cost: $$$

3400 Paradise Road, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: 702 733-6533

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