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Mr. Tofu

Posted on | January 27, 2009 | 1 Comment


I’m starting to think Tofu Soup might be the most perfect winter meal. With the tofu, it’s packed full of protein, and is seasoned with plenty of healthy garlic, chili, and onions. It’s warm and soothing. And the banchans that typically come with it are usually in the form of veggies, seafood or soy. The only thing I can think of that might be a bit unhealthy is the sodium level!

Mr. Tofu is the second Tofu Soup restaurant we’ve tried in Vegas. Tofu Hut is still my favorite, but Mr. Tofu is a pretty close second. The soup was quite good…  similar to in taste, and a smidgen cheaper than Tofu Hut. You have a selection of 4 spice levels. I opted for the beef tofu soup with a mild spice level, which was perfect. Towards the bottom of it, I started to notice a bit of spice, but it was more of a seasoning. There wasn’t a huge amount of beef, but I was okay with that. Adam also had the beef tofu soup but at a medium spice level, which was noticeably spicier (and redder). The main differences from Tofu Hut are that there are a smaller selection of soups, we didn’t receive as many banchans, they didn’t give us an option of egg (it was already in there) and they don’t have (as far as I could tell) the option of stone pot rice, which I love! I do like that Mr. Tofu tops their soups with nori, which I thought was a nice touch!

Here’s the banchans that we did receive. As far as I can tell, they included seasoned shisito peppers, 2 forms of kimchee, sigeumchi namul (seasoned spinach), and seasoned mushrooms. All were quite good. The waiter also offered us seconds, which was nice. Then again, sadly, by the end of our meal we were the only customers in the restaurant, and this was on a Saturday night! Hopefully they have a broader late night or lunch crowd…


Cost: $

3889 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone: 702 388-7733

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