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Lindo Michoacan

Posted on | January 20, 2009 | 2 Comments


I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Lindo Michoacan in our neighborhood. There are two other locations in Vegas, but both are a bit of a drive, and yes, I hate driving! This weekend, 5 days after they opened, we went for lunch. The restaurant sits on the location that Vallarta’s abandoned over a year ago, which was one of our favorite local spots, and was the home of an exceptional Carne Asada.

After a 15 minute wait, we were seated at the bar. As expected, since this is a new restaurant in our neighborhood, the place was packed! The interior was changed quite dramatically from it’s previous tenant. It’s warm and inviting, envoking the feel of a ‘traditional’ Mexican restaurant, homey but with a touch of class, if that makes any sense. We had a view of the two tortilla makers, which I was transfixed with for some strange reason! The service was decent considering how crowded it was. I think they need a bit of practice working as a team, though, which is totally understandable. The timing was a bit off.. first we waited around 20 minutes before we got our soup, then less than a minute later our entrees arrived! Adam had also ordered a margarita, which he had to ask for again after we received the entrees. The waiter said “oh, I knew someone ordered one, it’s sitting at the bar, I’ll go get it”. I would think figuring out who’s margarita was sitting at the bar would have been more of a priority, but oh well!

Since, asĀ  I mentioned before, I loved the Carne Asada at the previous tenant, I had to give it a try, which is the dish pictured above. The meat was a nice cut and was cooked perfectly, and was very lean and tender. It looked like it was well seasoned, as it had plenty of salsa and onions layered on top. When I cut into it, however, I was pretty disappointed with the flavor. I actually had to resort to adding salt, which I don’t think is a good thing! I remember what I loved about the Carne Asada at Vallarta’s was the flavor. It was SO tasty, seasoned with plenty of garlic, onions, lime, and chili. The entree came with beans and rice; I’m not much of a refried beans fan, but they tasted okay to me. The Spanish Rice was not the best I’d ever had, as it was also a bit bland, and dry.

Adam opted for one of his favorite Mexican dishes, Carnitas:


I’m not a pork eater, so I didn’t give it a try. He advised that, like mine, it was a great cut of meat and cooked perfectly, but the seasoning was lacking! Maybe the chef was rationing the salt?!

The two things that I liked the best about my meal were the chips, (which, ironically, were VERY well seasoned) and the soup!


In all fairness, the restaurant had JUST opened. We will likely give it another try in a month or so. But as far as an assessment of the meal we had, I sadly have to say it wasn’t up to par, and certainly wasn’t worth the somewhat hefty price tag. Thankfully I had a 25% off coupon, which helped ease the pain a bit…

Cost: $$

7870 W Tropical Parkway Las Vegas, NV 89149

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